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           Innovative for us it means constantly developing and improving ourselves in terms of our products, searching better ways to make them, and on-going employee development.
    Initiation We are always excited to try something new!
    Young & Fresh Is the way we feel about ourselves, and we enjoy it! It allows us to look at the market with a fresh look to be able to come with new ideas, and have a fresh take on things. For us every idea is worth considering, no matter how unorthodox it may be!
    We believe in creating unique products that encourage you and your family to enjoy the happiest time of their life together, while having safe and fun Active Play!

    R&D Working Flow

    1. Market Requirement.

    2. iDeas & Concept

    3. 2D & 3D Sketch.

    4. Appraise Design

    5. Design & Modification

    6.  Estimate Cost.

    7. Prototyping

    8. Appraise Prototype.

    9.  Approve & Modification

    10.  Tooling Design.

    11.  Molding Flow analysis

    12.  Tooling Production

    13. T1

    14. T2 production

    15. Batch Production






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